Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Attack Of The Killer Tomato

MAY 4, 2011

We were outside yesterday splashing in the mud when the sky started getting that ominous dark tint to it. About then the weather man interrupted the radio broadcast to tell us that a tornado was forming in our area. That's pretty rare for here. So we went inside, cleaned up, came downstairs and turned the computer on. There we saw the bloody huge thunder storm. It didn't look like it was directly gonna hit us - was rolling past mostly - but the weather outside was still dark and windy. My daughter asked, "Daddy, how do we stop the Tomato from getting us?!" I reassured her that we weren't gonna get hit and not to worry about it. She didn't believe me. So I told her to look out the window and if she saw anything to let me know.

Instead my daughter took this opportunity to try out random things in an attempt to ward off a potential killer tomato. It was truly the epitome of trial and error. She tried (in this order) -:

1 - Holding up a torn-out magazine photo of Susan Sarandon from a Got Milk? ad to the window screen.
2 - Making a giant farting noise.
3 - Standing in the window and slurping her drink through a straw as loudly as she possibly could.
4 - Screaming, "Cabbage!!!"

Needless to say we didn't get hit. Maybe she knows something I don't? Good Lord I'd love it if FEMA instructed people to stand in their windows and do all that. Susan Sarandon would be at a huge advantage...

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