Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

It is pouring it down outside. So we've been stuck inside all day. I'd run out of ways to entertain the kids and needed a break. We'd done painting, balloon animals, car chases, Dr. Bonk and The Man With A Sock On His Foot (not my best effort) and even tried TV. My daughter buggered off upstairs to have a tea party. My son was milling about with a giant battery powered back-hoe. So I started goofing around with some music with one headphone in my ear, and the other ear free to hear screams/incantations/whale song. Ten minutes later I heard my daughter telling me that, "he's eating them Daddy!!"

My daughter had taken all the dead flies out of the window sills, collected them in a toy teapot and was giving them to her brother to "drink" in her party. Ten minutes was all it took for both my kids to forget all of the rules about what not to eat. To be fair she isn't eating them, but she is taking a lot of delight in the fact that he did. I sense this avenue of exploration isnt over for her.

I'm still all out of playing ideas so I've persuaded them to not share each others company and give each other diseases. Right now I've convinced my little girl to go into a different room and stick dragonfly stickers onto some paper. I'm typing this with one hand and with the other (no - get that dirty thought out of your head) I'm trying to jiggle my son to sleep to the soothing sounds of Richard Herring doing stand-up comedy. Once he drops off I'm going to have a bash at a braised lettuce recipe. Which means I have to run outside in the rain (cue thunder and lightning) and grab a few heads of it out of the garden. Should grab some peas too.

Alright - he's conked out.

Go Go Go!!!

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