Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Coming Out Of Both Ends

Oh dear.

My family went to a Halloween party last night. I did not. I had a dicky tummy and all that, but that wasn't the real reason. My wife was giving me some time away from screaming kids. Which was nice truth be told. I could hear my brain cracking from the constant screaming so a few hours by myself was welcome. But more than that I will not be associated with spreading the stomach bug that my daughter clearly demonstrated she had. By puking all over the front door. My wife feels awful about being that parent that knowingly brought a stomach bug to a party. Just like she did last year.

Today my daughter has a party and costume parade at school. When I spoke with her teacher on Friday I asked how many of the kids at school had this stomach bug already. The boy who looked like Steve Buscemi was clearly already sick - because he didn;t normally look like Steve Buscemi. There was a girl in the room who didn't want the snack - she seemed off. The teacher said a few of them did. Then she emphasized that this isn't daycare - kids shouldn't skip school because they feel sickly. Just if they are actively chucking it all over the place. To really ram it home by saying, "they are all going to get it anyway - you can't avoid it." Ahh - she thought perhaps I was being overprotective. So I told her that if she wasn't sick in the morning she'd be in. And then to return the ramming-it-home treatment I pointed out that my parents always did the, "well, see how you feel after half the day in school" thing where you always went in, and didn;t get sent home because there were only two hours left.

So my daughter is on the edge of that criteria. She will go today if she doesn't continue to squirt out of both ends. Frankly it is cut and dry. She got up a few times in the night to get a drink of water because she's learned you should do that if you might throw up. She desperately wants to do all the Halloween stuff so reminded herself to get up and drink during the night. Not only that but her mother is going to her Halloween party at school. She misses her mother a lot as could be seen by the fact that she spent at least two hours just sitting on her yesterday just to be with her. She only does that with me if she isn't feeling good. Normally she'd be up and bouncing all over the place at 6am. Instead she collapsed back to sleep in her own bed after having a shower this morning. She just got up and is moping on the couch. She did mention it was Halloween and asked to see some candy. So I showed her and told her all the stuff I have left to do to decorate (which isn't much). Not a flicker of a smile for a good ten minutes. Eventually she asked for, "some healthy food - so you'll let me eat candy later." Right after that she told me she might have another headache.

Then she asked if we could sit under a blanket on the couch while I do my, "morning email." Prospects not looking good so far.

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