Monday, November 21, 2011

Arse Crack, Sodor and Jesus In A Towel

I've been meaning to post a few photos from some books my kids have. One because it's unnecessarily gratuitous, another because it's so PC it misses the point of the story and lastly just something that is somewhat cool. So here goes -:

First up, right in the middle of a book called A Tree Full Of Pigs the illustrator chucks in a surprising shot of a farmer's arse. I get the intent of the picture, but it just seemed odd.

Next is a kids book about Easter. Right in the middle of the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet (John 13:3-30 if you're interested) this picture is included. Now the entire point about this part of the story is that Jesus strips right down to his bundies and washes his followers feet - shocking them by doing so and teaching them a little about humility and love. He does not do this ridiculousness -:

That looks more like he wants that bloke with the anchor-shaped beard to try some of his onion dip and still has on his pinny apron.

And lastly here's a picture of the Island of Sodor in a cool massive Thomas The Tank Engine book I found at a Thrift Store. You can see the Isle of Man to the West of Sodor.


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