Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Gypsy Moth

Based upon the flagrant mockery rained down upon me for posting that photo of me in lederhosen I thought perhaps I should point out the other nightmarish gash I was dressed up in. It should give a window into what the future holds for my son. First up a stranger in a foreign land. Or more accurately the World's Nobbliest Knees on display in Weeze, Germany. You can't even buy sweaters like this anymore.

Next one. Just remember - you know where you are with brown. In case you aren't sure where that is it's apparently 1974 Sarajevo.That would be my twin sister there too.

And the coup de grace for the finale - all three siblings dressed as Ukranian peasant children.

Evidently my family pioneered the Gypsy-Chic Hipster look years before all the nob-ends waltzing all over the place these days did. I particularly like the way the photographer has clearly demanded that we be stood in front of a wall smeared in what looks like human poo just to add to the ambiance. Note not only my fetching color combination of a brown knitted tank-top over a grey hessian large collared Oxford shirt, but also that my hair seems to have been cut with one of those guillotine paper-cutter things they had in art class to cut A3 size paper up with. If I wore that out to a nightclub today I'd be knee deep in Grade D muff within thirty minutes. Except I'd also have that unusual deformity that protruded out the top of my head. Seriously what is that? And why don't I have it any more?

And lastly to cleanse the pallet our fully grown dog. He's a Cocker-poo. I actually have to say that to people when they ask.

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