Wednesday, November 30, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Nov 30

I've started a new project with my daughter. Everyday I give her my camera and (pray that she doesn't drop it) let her take pictures of whatever she likes. Frankly 95% of them are way out of focus and unclear. The first fifty or so -yep fifty - looked like this -:

Just to note that's my son asleep. It does look a lot like a fuzzy dead-kid-in-a-coffin but it's a lot more banal than that. But with a few practices she has actually figured out a way to get images that make some sort of sense. I'm hoping it will give psychologists an inside view of what a kid/potential serial killer (you just never know) finds interesting enough to take a photo of. Sometimes she tells me why she's taking/taken a photo so I'll include that too.

First up, this. My daughter claims this is a picture, "so my bum can know what it looks like underneath."

This flat out hurts. This is what Hunter S. Thompson's CAT scan looks like.

She called this one, "resting." I call it Jackpot.

I'm actually really impressed with this. It's in focus, relatively centered and kinda interesting.

My daughter wanted to take a photo of her Christmas lights (outside the house) to show other people. I suggested taking a nighttime shot. She said then you wouldn't be able to see them and took this. She was adamant this was a good way to photo this.

Lastly she wanted a picture of her money-pig. She even "decorated" the chair so that the picture would look pretty.

More tomorrow.


  1. This is a great idea. What made her take the Simpsons extreme close-up?

  2. Quite honestly she took a ton of TV shots. It wasn't even on and she asked for it on. This was the least painful to look at.