Monday, December 5, 2011

Boobs and Beef

I thought I'd do a quick photo thing of some more books my daughter and son have knocking about. This is because yesterday we found an old pop-up kid Bible thing in a drawer and it instantly reminded me of some weird things. It's nicely done as far as illustrations go. Except for this one-:

I know - you're thinking it looks quite nice. But apart from the spectacularly white nature of everybody in it (are there even ginger people in the Middle East?) there are three things that really stick out to me. First is that stable is of such a size that I think that's a stuffed and mounted horses' head to the right of Joseph. Secondly - that guys lip-caterpillar is phenomenal. And lastly is the donkey in the bottom right. Why? Because when you're drawing a donkey in Bethlehem it's best not to accidentally give it a stereotypically generic Mexican blanket.

I told my daughter to flip open a science book she has and take a photo of whatever interests her. I should have known. Boobs and Beef sounds like an Adam Carolla vehicle on Bravo by the way.

I don't recall at all where this came from. I thought they'd like it more though but they don't ever even look at it. It's a flip-book where you can mix and match the parts of an animal. I asked my son to flip it to random pages and he picked -:

This is a very old book I wont let the kids open because it's pretty frail now. And yes - the whole thing is in one syllable. Which strikes me as a massive pain in the arse to have done.

I like this next one because the monkey is supposed to be telling all his mates (who - if were really to scale - are terrifying) about something scary. Which he describes as being "clean."

Last photo - my daughter insisted I take this one. She says she wants to read these after Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I'm not sure they're her cup of tea.

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