Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Rusky

"Look Daddy! I'm drinking pee!!"

She isn't. It's white grape and peach juice. But I made some silly aside that it looked like pee. So now apparently it is. I don't want to keep going down this route obviously. Not with regular and chocolate milk also in the drinking cannon (a drinking cannon would be a fantastic idea by the way).There's been way to much pee-in-mouth talk lately.

My daughter has been playing her keyboard all morning. All alone in her room too so that her brother won't try and smash her face in the microphone. That's pretty much how that toy is used lately. One of them bashes the keys and howls like an avant-garde mentalist into the microphone until the other one shows up whining violently that it's their turn.But I showed her how to plug in the MP3 attachment to it so she has been recording herself shouting along to bashed keys and programmed songs for a good ninety minutes. I have it ready to copy over but I can't get my damn microphone to work. Which is why the answer machine messages aren't on here yet either. And why I've stopped taking a Daily Dump. It's okay - it's quite innocent. If you don't know what that is please don't Google it. I'll figure it out today I hope. It defeated me yesterday. Not today though....

My son has started playing The Chocolate Chip Chicken. That would be this ingeniousness http://hsimplex.blogspot.com/2011/06/chocolate-chip-chicken.html.Except he is far more excitable than his sister nad just repeatedly screams like he's on fire. Then he takes the lead and just keeps yelling that there's a spider. I've even been in situations where I've had both kids hiding under the blankets and trying to think up something that is after us - but my son is so freaking off-the-wall about the whole thing that I have to say that we are being attacked by The Boy That Can't Stop Bloody Screaming.

My son is also getting into the same musical abominations that my daughter did. So the Gummy Bear and Nuki Nuki songs. That's my fault - I'd left them on her list of MP3 songs and was reminding of them today because I just can't take the same five Christmas songs being played repeatedly. Except he really likes the Russian language versions. No idea what I'm talking about?

I like how the captured picture is of a Gummy Bear's gyrating arse. So yes - he's inhibited by Russophilia. There's probably an ointment for it. Mostly though my son has hit the stage where he must have the same books read to him endlessly. One is a book about trains (obviously) and the other is also about trains but is a Thomas book. I've tried interjecting other books to save my sanity but he's not all that fussed about that. I'm glad he's really into books though.

So with that in mind I have to go read them again.

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