Thursday, December 1, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 1

She needs more training.

My daughter took 44 photos. 17 of which were of the television which wasn't on. Another 8 were blurry shots of a basket with a blanket in it. Of all the ones she took maybe 8 or 9 actually can be deciphered in some way. So...

This was the first thing she took. She's been spending way too much time at the in-laws house.

One of oodles of close-ups of couch/chair/curtain fabric. When I asked her it dawned on me that whereas I - and presumably most adults ( I achieved this idea using the laws of extrapolation that pompous self-important pillocks like me use to say that everyone thinks like they do) no longer see detail like patterns, my daughter always does. It's actually kind of sad that I look right by that now. WEll, not past this futon. It's hideous.

This is the finest children's TV show on the air. It's called Word Girl and is on PBS. Why is it awesome? Because it's a cartoon voiced and co-written by Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt, Jim Gaffigan, Elliot Gould, Tom Kenny, Jeffrey Tambor, Chris Parnell and all kinds of nutters from the world of stand-up. If this show was in a Top Trumps card game of kids TV shows it would give The Wombles and Ulysses a serious kicking.

I asked my daughter what this was called and she said, "Crime Scene." Shudder.

This looks like one of those quick-flash shots that they show on Criminal Minds when they're having a flashblack moment.

Last one. I went to school to learn at what specific height paintings should be hung. You quickly learn that is why kids don't like art galleries on the whole.

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  1. Crime Scene ... hummm. Forensic Scientist in the making?