Saturday, December 10, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 10

Morning. My daughter flew through a paltry 53 photos for this one. Which reminded me I need to go back a few days and start deleting the otter dross (edit: obviously this was meant to be utter dross - but this is much better). Anyhoo - here goes.

College campuses across North America should put this face up on a billboard warning women not to walk home from the library late at night. I think it would finally get the message across.

When you think of a generic face of a hero you think of this one right? Right? (Anyone who proposes swapping this with the photo above is banned by the way.)

Or this one? You've seen this before on a Santa Claus bag. My daughter says he's smiling because he ate snowflakes.

The boy conked out early yesterday. I put him down quite uncomfortably.

So if you forced a camel to put on tight sweatpants (just go with me here) and it formed a strange cryptic lump in it's No-No Zone what would you call it?

Last one - a close up of a Christmas picture she colored in. She's very good at not going outside the lines. There are quite a lot of kids in her class that have no idea at all that the lines signify anything at all.

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