Monday, December 12, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 12

One hundred and seventy two photos. Yikes. And as I was outside burning stuff (for fun) I let her run around out there with my camera. I'm basically gambling there but she was pretty good.

First up, the first photo on the camera. It's not the most flattering of me or of my son's interests.

Welcome to our collection of ornaments of Santa on or in things he shouldn't be. He's apparently, "on the way to the ocean to a stream of salamanders." Not. A. Clue.

I'm not kidding. I might get her to do the crocodile and tractor one tomorrow. That's how he gets past the lion (also on the tree).

Some chalk in a can. An artist is always proud of their tools.

My daughter as a turkey. Suits her.

After I asked her to stop photographing the television (especially when it isn't even on) she sat down and photographed entire books. I don't like this book. It's not good in any way. But I can't throw it away or burn it. That's just wrong. And it's not in good enough nick to donate to anyone. My daughter calls it Puppy And A Foot.

I like this because it's very indicative of how kids read. As in they are completely engrossed in the picture. The words are blurry and well off center. She's getting into reading herself (and making out words too) but she's still image-centric.

My daughter originally got into Captain Underpants books. But they descended from funny wordplay into two boys just calling people names. So she got into this - Geronimo Stilton. It's your typical detective kids series of books in the mold of say a Scooby Doo and The Mystery Gang . But he has a problem too. No - not the cheese soda he's drinking there. In every book he becomes instantly romantically obsessed with a different mouse the moment he meets them. The author isn't even subtle about it - he actually gets all horny and creepy about it. So we've wandered away from that as well. Creep.

And so we made it outside. My son has the extra-from-Snatch look down pat. To be clear I've never dressed him like that. He doesn't go within ten feet of sweatpants/tracksuit pants when I'm in charge. Here he looks like he's in one of those sympathetic romantic photos of travelers that you sometimes see in some newspapers.

A stick. I was just chucking them on the fire. My daughter was thinking of it in processes and parts. As in what is it and why is it going on the fire. She said she liked this one - she picked it out from a bunch and was putting others back to photo this one.

Turtle Eye. It's the front of the sandbox outside. He's seen better days. I told her he's winking.

This is Old Tom. He fell down months ago and he's still in the same spot. I wonder if he's still good?

The neighbors Fall flag lying on the lawn. Not the US flag obviously. But a lot of Americans have these decorative flags up outside. I don't quite get it myself. Not the notion of it - but the fact that 99% of them are gaudy and weird.

Frost. It was cold out yesterday - hence the big fire I made. This Fall has been infuriating weather wise. I like living in this area because of the distinct four seasons. And the last few years it has snowed a significant amount in November (and a fall or two in October as well). It's the second week of December already and it's still not on the forecast to get going. No snow means no novelty for this area.

A fool. And this is where my daughter gets her ridiculous prancing from.

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