Tuesday, December 13, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 13

She took just under 100 photos.

The letter of the week at school last week was B. So the teacher gave all the kids a BandAid. My daughter stuck hers to her bedroom floor.

She spent quite a lot of time taking photos upstairs. This is of one of the snowflakes that came in the Christmas "window cling" that she helped put up in her brother's room. It's green snow. Lord only knows what urinated in that snow.

The bookcase in the front part of the living room. "There are maybe a million books" according to my daughter. Looks much better than the one that was just there.

A sideways rainbow belly. That's what she moved on to - photographing her own body. Skirting a fine line there.

What's this?

A dead one of these! Or as my daughter tells it, "one of these fell asleep."

Doglight. The Fall/Winter sunlight here reminds me of the UK's much more northern sunlight. My daughter just said he's keeping his tail warm.

I wouldn't look up there if I were you.

Ewwww. Don't worry - it comes out at will.  My daughter makes me wiggle it when Captain Cheesestick recieves a message from Central Command.

Yes you are seeing what you think you're seeing.

NCool story Bro. Pics or it didn't happen.

He seems to say quite often.

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