Wednesday, December 14, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 14

Eeek. There might be two of these today to mop up. My daughter needs to calm the smeg down with the number of pictures she's taking that's for sure. Two hundred in one day is waaay too many. Mind you it would have been more but she nabbed my camera late in the afternoon and took seventy-something photos that were all blurred. Every last one of them was junk because the lens was dirty.

That's a pretty good photo! Unless it's of my nose....?

Ewww. I made my wife potato skins the other night for dinner. I got a lot of bacon bits all over the place and didn't clean up yet. My little moral compass reminded me of that here. She actually told me this was the poop germs leave everywhere.

What the Rab C. Nesbitt is going on here? This is from Curious George allegedly. My daughter says the man is pretending to be a mole. That sounds like the worst excuse I've ever heard for being caught naked in a cage wearing oven gloves.

Indicative of the kind of gifts my in-laws can give. My daughter was given this flashing LED light as a present. Which I thought was odd. She likes hiding in a cupboard with it and having a private disco.

I gave paper and crayons to my son to draw yesterday. He drew this. My daughter says it's a cow.

Two dogs.

A Dad-a-pillar, Mom-a-pillar and Ow-a-pillar.

And last one right now is an example of breaking a rule like a boss. No standing on the guitar. As she can see she isn't actually standing on it.

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