Thursday, December 15, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 15

I tried my absolute hardest to have my daughter not just blow through 150 photos yesterday. She ended up being somewhat irritated by me stopping her creative process. So she sat on the ground and took forty photos of the window. Which has taught me that's it's not only easy to crush someones dreams but that my daughter is a stubborn mule. So choice is limited today.

A foot stool. Her grandfather made it for her as a present. It's pretty fantastic. She wanted to show him a photo of what it's like to sit on it.

The extreme close-up photo that got Barney onto the National Sex Offender's register. I presume - I don't own a pink carpet. And if I did it needs vacuuming. My daughter says she doesn't know what this is.

Evidently my daughter has begun a series of pictures where she is stood on things.

The Orbotron has a snotty cold. It shows up quite well on film.

This is a Housekeeping photo. Every day my daughter stands on the back of her toy elephant and takes five of these photos out the window. Not particularly interesting. And every single day my wife sees them and asks me why she went outside to take them.

One too many spiced rum cookies for Santa, evidently."Santa is always upside down right Daddy?"

The unfinished closet. As neat as it's looked in ages.Which means that to the unfamiliar eye it probably looks very untidy.

And last one today - some building blocks. Which is what I'm off to go build with right now.

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