Friday, December 16, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 16

My son and I have evil colds. My daughter is at Stage One of it - the intermittent sneezes. My wife - as ever - is openly disappointed that we would even allow it to enter our feeble bodies. Nevertheless my daughter did take a bunch of photos while we heroically leaked on things around her.

A painting in our dining room. I don't go in there. It still has the original floor. The gradient is so bad that there should be on of those road signs on the way in that shows a truck driving up a steep hill with the incline gradient under it. We are hosting Christmas dinner this year in there, so will have to make sure we don't have to many foods that are just liquids otherwise we'll be chasing them across the room.


Part of a necklace. My daughter will ask me to untie it so she can rearrange all the different shapes on it. There are animal faces and things like flowers and the Sun on them.My daughter says that frogs say, "ribbit," and "croak" but not, "excuse me." How rude.

My daughter posed this one as well.One of the drunk Santa's flat on his back, "on the ice."

No - I'm not just licking a tree. My daughter told me to pretend to be a bauble. I spent the next hour explaining to my son that he shouldn't lick the tree. And he spent that hour giving me the, "you just bloody showed me how to do this...." look.

Oboe with a Honeycrisp. I truly don't understand the notion that some kids don't/won't eat fruit. I'm not saying I did anything right or special. That's the point - I didn't do anything and my kids go mental over some fruit. My son will literally spit out potato chips and wrestle my apple off me.

I haven't seen this thing in years. It's just a bendy rabbit thing. It doesn't really do anything.

A rainbow. My daughter made this at school for St. Patrick's Day. It still blows my mind that even that has been co-opted as a reason to sell TVs and guff to people here. Or that there's a parade in every two-bit town for it. Not that it isn't just a day to get trashed back home mind you. "Everybody is Irish today!" her teacher inaccurately told 15 children.

It's tough to recall if I've posted some of these. She takes repeated photos of the same things and I don't put them up. But this is one of the Santa On/In Things He Shouldn't Be ornaments. He's, "going to his farm."

Last one for now - this one looks like planets with moons in orbit. Or LSD.Or a bald man with horrifying acne. My daughter denies all these ideas and said it's a Christmas bauble. Way to ruin my fun.

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