Saturday, December 17, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 17

My daughter didn't take many photos yesterday. She wasn't interested. Hope she's not losing interest. She shouldn't seeing as Christmas is right at the end of the week and she's getting her own camera. But she took enough.

Some people attach little cameras to their cats so they can find out what they get up to outside when they ponce off somewhere. That's sort of how this works too. I say this because I had no idea that either of my kids were hanging out in the bathroom with a balloon and a camera.

Yep - the now infamous, "between her own toes" shot.

This reminds of the demon dog from Ghostbusters. Except with our big girl's blouse of a dog. Slimer is likely being played in our story by the massive amounts of snot that my son leaked all over the place last night.

I don't understand the angle of this one. But she wanted to take a photo of her Fruitloops before they went down the drain.

I don't have the slightest idea what this is. It looks like the inside of a vein. My daughter claims it's an ornament so perhaps she took a super close up.

This is actually ridiculous.

Last one - her own face. She's started photographing herself a lot now. Usually an upside down quick flash of her own belly, but she gets her head in there sometimes. Look at those perfectly round clean nostrils. They look like her mother's massive caverns.

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