Sunday, December 18, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 18

My daughter took some crackers I tell you. I'm not even going to put them all up. But she took about 60 and a lot of them are quite good.

First up - coconut bon bons from the Not Really Amish store down the street. You can tell they aren't really Amish because they're all wearing those icky white expensive sneakers under their Look! I'm Really Amish!! clothes. But a better giveaway is that parked outside the store are a row of Honda Accords that hey all drove there in.

The carpet. Not only would I not have chosen to take this but I wouldn't have done such a good job of it either. Another example of her noticing textures where I skip over it.

That's my daughter years ago. This is one of the very few things that leaves a slither of doubt in my mind that my daughter might not actually be beautiful. As in - I thought she was oddly beautiful then but on reflection she looks quite a lot like Jana Novotna's lost baby here. Obviously before my daughter could walk I lumped her in with the always-true notion that kids are disgusting mutants - although at the top of the pile. And I'm proud to say that my wife is coming around to my thinking. Just yesterday she checked to see if someone's child we now has fetal alcohol syndrome or is just ugly.

Some old blokes on books. Seeing as this is the US they're probably basketball players or the last two winners of Survivor: Amazing Tropical Island That People Already Live On.

Oh now she's in the groove. She stuck her kaleidoscope up against the end of the camera and got this. Smart girl.

Of course she also took this. She flips the camera upside down and then shoots herself. So it's supposed to be upside down.

A piffling amount of snow through a screen. My daughter wanted to go out and play on Snow Mountain (the pile of snow the plow guy leaves at the end of my driveway). But there isn't anywhere near enough. I checked the historical snowfall amounts for my town and the magic number is 120 inches on average each year. It's been just under 100 inches the last three years. The year before that was 140. Ten years ago they had a 85 inch year. Add that the two cities I'm between (Syracuse and Utica) are numbers 1 and 4 on the highest average snowfall in a year for 50,000 plus population cities. So I think we'll be fine in a week or so.

Revel in it's majesty!

Just the living room. I put this one up for any would-be budding burglars (that's the right word - stop all this burglarizers nonsense at once) hoping to put together a floor plan for our house. Actually I put this up because my orange living room famously looks like an Oompa Loompas womb. Not for long - hopefully there will be a flurry of activity soon and the whole place will look different.

Last one - it's quite unpleasant. I'm in the tinkering stage of a winter beard idea. I am at the point where I am kind of jazzed at the prospect of looking all rugged and cool, but also acutely aware that I look like a scruffy unkempt weirdo who clearly doesn't have a real job.

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