Friday, December 2, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 2

My daughter took forty photos yesterday. Half of them were actually in focus. Some are pretty darn good actually. It reminded me of those days you'd go to get your developed photographs from the store, open them up only to find that all but one of them was utter crap. So thanks digital camera people - made life much easier. So here goes.

Big T. This is one of those toys that you can turn off, but only if you have a ridiculous level of dexterity to be able to slide the switch to off between the other three On functions. This was a free toy at our Thrift Store bag sale. We were done and the lady there just gave it to my son.

My daughter calls this one "cuddling." Right...

This is probably how Horse Toucher (an old acquaintance of mine) saw all her lovers.

Not many photographers would take this shot.

My daughter made this next painting. It's yours for $1000. I dare you to take a Rorschach test with this thing.

This is actually very astute - my daughter said she wanted to take photos of inside my stomach. Obviously I did a huuuuuuge double-take at this point and tried to remember where I'd hidden the razor knife. Instead she just went and took this.

My daughter says this one is her favorite. I told her it isn't. It's an elephant's arse.

And last one is a pretty good shot too. It's the Hungry Hungry Not-Hippo's game and seems to have all the colors in it that my son's 80s coat does.

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  1. The horse one rocks. That would make Maczippy jealous.