Tuesday, December 20, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 20

My daughter had two chances with the camera yesterday. The first one involved her taking 64 pictures - 62 of which are incomprehensible. This is because she wanted to photograph her fingerprint. She did that, and then everything else is a smudgy blurry cloud. Later in the day I gave it to her again and she squeezed a few out before getting bored of it. And those pictures are kinda dull to be honest. So this is going to be short.

The finger. This is it from the first set before she rubbed it all over the lens.

Her, "Yay Dentist!!" photo. The guy told her she has perfect teeth. She's pretty chuffed about that.

Some of the last Thrift Store haul of the year. It's a candle holder.Just behind him is an actual Santa-shaped candle and the infamous Riding Mower Santa.

This is my daughter's depiction of what it would look like outside if there was a nuclear blast. Possibly anyway.

And this is what I had on the laptop screen right before she knocked some milk over. I think she saw that black spill on the screen and wanted to counter it with a white one.

The top of my daughter's high dresser. She likes to put all her trinkets and stuff up there. Such as that bird ornament. In the background you can see a closet that the squirrels had been using as some sort of bedroom before we moved in.

And last of all, a close up photo of some balls. There inside a pushing toy that my son pretends is a vacuum cleaner. I am very much hoping that when the story of her life is made they show this photo during the biopic of her ascent to finest female soccer player in history to show how even at the age of four she was interested in some sort of ball. Much rather this than her becoming the banner, "actress" on Taint TV known for legendary obsession with balls.


  1. That tree pic looks like a hipster flyer

  2. haha yeah come dig our band, we're groovy and our clothes are all hemp.