Wednesday, December 21, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 21

The little monkey didn't take much of any photos yesterday. Also today is the same as the last three - I'm putting them up without showing them to her again to get her to talk about them. I'll need to go back to the old way to keep her and you interested. But she took 40ish pictures and some turned out decent.

This was the only one of a bunch of photos that I think were supposed to be of the free toothbrush and stuff she got from the dentist as well as the Santa soap thing.

This is a glove puppet bear thing she made at school. I end up keeping a pile of all the stuff she makes and don't know what to do with it. In the end there are so many I have to get rid of them. And inevitably I do that by collecting them in a giant paper bag and burning them. Oh the symbolism.

Santa's feet on a Christmas wreath in the living room. I'm fairly certain Santa's Feet is a members only forum on the Intarwebs somewhere.

My daughter told me whilst taking this one that it would be my favorite. It is.

A crack that should be covered up with door trim. And hopefully it will be soon.

I swear this isn't staged. That Santa is just depraved.

Paula Dean's Love Stick. There - have fun with that image in your head this morning.

Last one - presumably this is the, "difficult second album" cover from the same band that brought us the hippy nuclear album-cover photo from yesterday. I'm imagining some dark-jazz noodling and a guest musician appearance from Bohren der Club of Gore. Not sure how she got a shot of nothing at all but well done.

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