Thursday, December 22, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 22

You'll all be glad to know my daughter went nuts and took 164 photos yesterday. But she also had the dog lick the camera in the middle of those so a good 80 of those were duds that couldn't be made out at all.

The theme that my daughter was going to go for was The Flying Foot. So photos of her foot flying around. But she fell down after this and I told her not to break my camera. And yes it's dark because it's very early.

These are two little snowman erasers that she got at a school Christmas party. I don't know what the yellow thing is on the one on the right.Hopefully not a ball-gag.

This could have been embarrassing. She took a photo of in the downstairs medicine cabinet. Nothing shameful there. And for those who are not from the US (or the UK) that purple bottle does not say, "Urine Care" on it. It's actually a mouthwash.

At some point while she was upstairs I heard my daughter yelling to me that her brother was breaking the rules. He'd gone up there with her. She even got a photo of it. Yes - that is a boy who has managed to take off his underwear and pants all by himself and is running around upstairs like a hyperactive dog.

Apparently he tried to hide and while doing so violated Rule 56 - No naked bottoms on my bed.

So while I returned dignity to my son and my home my daughter took a photo of her Christmas pine-cone tree. She draped that thing around it herself. That photo on the mirror is not my daughter by the way. Pigtails and a giant teddy bear? I don't think so.

When you see it bricks will be shat.

More like it - the painting in our living room. I like it.

And this was when the dog licked the camera.

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