Friday, December 23, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 23

My daughter took 63 photos. And once again she attempted to sabotage the entire thing by jabbing the lens into the dogs face. So the first 3/4 were viewable and the last were not.

This is the inside of a lamp. Or a visit from aliens - either one is fine. It's also album cover number 3.

An enormous part of my daughter's life revolves around these. For a good long while it was paint - until she started pretty much just painting the table with herself. Then we moved back to these.

The keyboard. Look at the abominations on there. And all of them played with a reggae, Hip Hop or techno flavor. Whilst my son grunts into the microphone.

A monkey on a bowl my kids use. It's pretty weird how this all works. "Eat your dinner." a parent will demand. "No way!" a child retorts. "What if I put it on a plate with a picture of a caterpillar on it?" the parent will come back with. "More liver, Father! More!!"

Cat squint. Zora pretty much lies on a bed upstairs all day. I'm sure the Daily Mail will be writing stories about lazy monsters like her. She lies there until I kick her out at noon-ish because she needs to go outside to the bathroom. She's still adjusting to that after all this time (about 8 months now) of being thrown out to pee/poop/whatever cats do.

A paper Christmas wreath my wife and daughter made at school. Not to shabby. Not as awesome as mi wife's homemade ones but not bad for one knocked up in five minutes using child-safe scissors.

The problem with having kids and nice things is that those nice things get broken and/or played with when they shouldn't be. Which is fine mostly. But when people visit they assume things are like that way on purpose. So they'll visit and go, "oh a Nativity scene - I think these people are Christians." But then they'll see Mary slumped over on a goat with a wise man stood suspiciously behind her with a bottle of embalming fluid and wonder what we're trying to suggest.

Okay last one - a drawn and colored M&M. And I just mean colored in, and not the way that Alan Hansen means. Yes this was done at school to test the children's abilities to stay in the lines. This is about two or three months old but was sitting on the desk. I know my British-residing friends lovingly talk often of peanut butter filled M&MS. In my house right now I have a bag of dark chocolate ones and can assure you they are awful putrid things. Dark chocolate anything is usually better but these are horrendous.


  1. Crayons, monkeys and snoring cats - it's not just the embalming fluid that Mary should beware!

    Wishing a wonderful, sticky, messy and knackering Christmas weekend to you and yours!

  2. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you all as well.