Saturday, December 24, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 24

My daughter took 146 photos and due to the three main themes she got stuck on they were all vaguely similar. One theme was her hand in different rooms. That's all it seemed to be. Another was a shot-by-shot photo series of the CDs I have left in a flip-book. And lastly was an itemized photographic record of all the clothes we own in their dresser drawers. It had a nice serial killer quality to it.

So here goes. There were more than twenty of these. Just her hand in a different place. I couldn't get her to explain it more than, "that's my hand near Owen in the living room."

Actually this is part of a theme too. Yesterday we brought you Clifford's testicle - today we bring you Garfield's testicle. Tomorrow I can assure you that Big Bird is going down (actually I think I'm going to have to rephrase that slightly). And in truth this is a thing from the end of a jester's hat.

She also took a lot of photos of the ceiling fan and the clock. Not sure what the fascination with the fan is. Maybe she was just thinking about the opening scenes for Apocalypse Now and wanted to recreate the feeling of Martin Sheen blitzed out of his mind and being weird.

I don't know. Hemoglobin maybe? When I asked her she said it was a photo of the tomato stuck inside her that Dr. Daddy got out. On reflection that sounds like a cryptic frightening nightmare.

Well, hello there......

I once caught a fish this big!

Whoop de Doo. I once caught a fish thiiiiis big.

One of the thirty or so clothes-in-drawers photos. This is my son's sweaters/shirts drawer. I would have posted my underpants drawer because it looked the funniest but you could make out the Christmas presents I'd hidden in there in the photo.

The first of the CD book photos. I used to have all these towers all over my house years back with thousands of CDs in them. Then to save space I chucked out the cases and bought all these books to put them in. And as I was very anal about it all they were alphabetized. So everytime I got a new CD (which was very often) I would have to nudge them all one sleeve slot forward. Then when I moved to western NY I gave away over thousands of them. All I have left now are two sort of filled books with mine and my wife's stuff in it.

Last one for you - something festive for Christmas.

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  1. I'm forsee your daughter's future career. She may become a cinematographer or a photo journalist. BTW, she clearly doesn't need botox in her lips.