Wednesday, December 28, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 28

My daughter took 79 photos yesterday. I'm being picky with them so as not to give away some things we are doing in Casa de Beef Jerky but she still took a nice bunch of things. Her current main themes are her hand/feet on a photo tour of our home (still) but she's also branched out into her finger on a photo tour as well.

My daughter is very much in love with this thing. She particularly likes how she can now plop in front of whatever she's doing and use it to slouch in with snacks.

I really like the fact that she likes doing conceptual photography stuff like this. When I asked why she did it she said because it was fun. As good an answer as any I could have expected.

This photo has Internet Meme written all over it. Something like, "They told me not to take their photograph. So I took their souls." Oddly I labelled this one I Ate My Parents on my hard drive.

One of the Traveling Finger series of pictures. Amazingly it wasn't up her nostril long enough for her to take this.

For Hire: One French Polisher. This is not a fake ad - he really does clean things and is not advertising himself out under the guise of wholesome wood polishing in order to turn tricks.

Sad Doodle Is Sad. The other pictures he got into he doesn't look so melancholy - but he has Devil Eyes in them all so I picked this one.

When people ask me what I do I tell them, "I build railway lines." All bloody day long.

Last one - the wife's Christmas present. It's been used three times already.

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