Thursday, December 29, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 29

This is the fewest amount of pictures I think that she's taken so far. 47 isn't a lot of stuff to choose from but the quality of them was pretty good. So....

I'm beginning to think that every anthropomorphic thing that signifies a season is extremely smug and somewhat gay (in the Louis CK not-sexual gay kind of way).My daughter says that he is thinking, "I want to be a snow shoe." Interesting...

I really can't stomach the idea of peanut butter and jelly as a staple sandwich. My ids absolutely adore salami sandwiches though. For Christmas someone gave me these tiny salami things because the sign for them said they were gluten-free. The kids love them.

This would be a pretty good shot but she was trying to get the trampoline without him and was pretty annoyed when he showed up.

One of my Christmas wallets. Yep - you heard me. My MIL asked me what I wanted and I said a wallet. My belief is that my wife overheard this and told my daughter that's what I wanted too. She says I told her. Lies - all I ever asked for were acres upon acres of new underpants. Anyhoo - this is the one my in laws got for me. I have my stuff in my daughter's one right now. Amusingly she asked me today why I hadn't put anything in this one thinking it was the one she got me.

Once my son put a fork in there. Now he actually tries not to drop the guitar pick in there. He does like to sing into it though. I told my daughter the music lives in there and you let it out by strumming the strings.

Did I mention it was snowing now? We've even had sledding races and Snow Mountain battles already.My son loves snow (thankfully) but hates getting ready to go outside and the sudden loss of use of his thumbs in mittens.

If this cat isn't asleep on a bed but is still indoors it's like an aboriginal Bushman. When it's time to kick her out (which I have to do even in the snow) then it takes ages to find her. She can only be in two rooms but buggered if I know where she is half the time.

I don't know why these are in her window. Or why she photographed them in there.

Oh my.

Yeah - the CDs are so marginalized they are under a dresser in my bedroom.

Last one then - it's Teddy. My daughter decided this past weekend that her brother needs him more than her now. So now Teddy is on his pillow.

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