Friday, December 30, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 30

My daughter has her own camera so takes a bunch of pictures on that. But I use mine too so she also grabs that and takes a few. So on mine she took 38 and on hers she took 40.

"I want to eat his head!" she said with a little bit too much excitement. She did too.

New Teddy. I don't actually know who got this for her this Christmas. When I was putting her to bed last night I asked her this Teddy's name and she said, "Teddy." Which was the old one's name as well. I didn't press it because she would likely have just blurted out it's name was Banana or Bobby the Toe Sniffer and that would have been his name forever from that point on.

There's been a lot of craftiness this past week. She's burning through crayons. When she took this one she had been asking me to come to the kitchen table and write - in brown because it's my favorite color - what she says was happening on each page of a 300 page coloring book. Every single page would be colored in and then I'd be called in to try and write with a blunt crayon in a tiny space. It was cute and then irritating because she'd randomly ask me what a page from 15 minutes ago said and I'd read out what I thought I'd written and she would tell me that wasn't right.

This is piled in the dining room. Sunday it goes down.

The, "Princesses" - they're becoming a lot more trouble than they're worth. Her favorite is Ariel (who isn't a princess is she?) because she, "looks the prettiest."Or maybe because the actual Princesses in her book are awful at life.

Oboe's quilt. It's totally different on the other side. My daughter used to spend lots of time sitting on hers and investigating it. My son just goes upstairs and lies under his until I find him there. I'm not sure what that means. He got a new bed for Christmas that isn't ready to assemble just yet so he'll start sleeping like a human soon.

She pointed he camera at the living room window at 7pm when it was dark out and the flash did this. This will obviously be the cover for the remix EP out this coming January.

Last one - she wanted to photo me holding a sugar spoon so she could see herself in the reflection. She got this. I actually quite like this one.

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