Sunday, December 4, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 4

She took a gross amount of photos yesterday. Ninety in fact.

So - this is what's on my daughter's bedroom window now. She insisted that the pom-pom on Santa's hat actually be nowhere near his head.

My daughter also re-enacted the very first of Jesus' miracles. Just think - this Christmas morn billions of people will recount that famous story after the birth of Jesus (who looks a lot like a worm here) when everyone wants to see a sign that this really is the Son of Man. And so Jesus summons a helicopter.

The wolf. My kids wrestle each other with and for this. Then when he thinks no-one is looking, my son will mount it and lick it's nose. I have video.

I went through all nine photos that my daughter took of me to find one that wasn't blurry. All of them look like this so I'm thinking it might just be how I look.

She started laying out clothes to photgraph them. This is the only one that came out. A pair of her brother's lined jeans.

This is odd. Its a close up of a nativity scene. I think they all look quite feminine. My wife made a saltwater taffy nativity complete with loads of animals a few years back that was infinitely better than this one. My daughter told me that she put them all around Jesus in a circle so that he wouldn't be hurt. Then she threw a sponge baseball and pretended Jesus was under attack by snowballs. She also did the same thing a few days ago by surrounding a toy pig with circle of trains. One of those would be flagged by Dawkins as scary (sans snowball, obviously).

Last one - my daughter took a close up of a reindeer book. I like this picture for some reason.

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