Monday, December 5, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 5

First off I lost two days of photos after wiping the hard drive. Which also includes the footage of my son molesting a wolf. Not to worry though - he pounced on the unsuspecting hairy victim again this morning. But back to my daughter - she took 45 pictures and most were of the same things she's already taken stuff of. or they were very very blurry. Ironically the ones that came out are good enough to plonk on here.

This was a thrift store purchase awhile back. It's a metallic Christmas tree dish filled with decorative parcels. My daughter said they were walnuts wrapped up for the squirrels outside.

I'd say 75% of people own some of these, and of those people 95% of them keep them unused in a corner like this as well.

This is the top of our staircase. Pretty nice shot actually. Those are photos my wife took of my daughter and framed.

She got a snap of the cat while she was upstairs. Zora looks a touch cheesed off.

A fire engine. Another thrift store toy. We talked about the letters and she says that K stands for "crab" and the G stands for "gold."

Last one - I swear I've seen this one photo before. I had a quick look and can't find it though.

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