Tuesday, December 6, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 6

Yesterday my daughter took 68 photos and I'm glad to say that a majority of them were actually in focus.

These are two big banners we have hanging in the mud room. Pretty nice.

I quite like this. At least once a day my son will walk around the room stamping this bird into stuff like he's owning it. I like how the bird has that, "come on have a go if you think you're hard enough" bravado about him.

A year ago the MIL showed up with this thing. Apart from how much it must have cost (ick) it's pretty unsettling. When the lights are out and you see a three-foot humanoid shape in the dark it's startling. Add that he seems to be suggesting that he's holding mistletoe and that it's time to kiss underneath it. Pervert. 

Every morning my daughter plays PBS Kids games for half an hour or so while I clean up. That's when I give her the camera the first time too. She took a picture of a game she was playing. Look at that boys joyous face at the notion of death before him.

My son's insurance claim that he wasn't drunk and was in control of his vehicle has been dealt a problematic blow via my daughter's timely snap. Presumably she'll try to blackmail him in some way.

The front porch Christmas lights later at night. I like how she captured the ambiance of those driving home drunk late at night after too many whiskeys only to plow into the telephone pole just down the street in a blur (yes, this happened a few weeks ago).

And last this one. Her mother wanted a photo of her that would be pretty. I took one of her with that sexually deviant wolf (oh you'll see it) and my daughter took this one.

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