Wednesday, December 7, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 7

My daughter took 74 photos. That's a lot! And I tried to get her to go upstairs and think of things she finds interesting. So she took 21 photos of herself in a mirror - none of which came out at all. So you get these ones.

My kids have three of these things. One is purple and one is orange. My son walks the orange one in a wagon. It's quite lazy.

Before you say how good you think this photo is please bare in mind the other nine of the same thing were not. My daughter says it's name is Banana. Which is what she calls everything that isn't called Marshmallow.

I let my daughter play with this snow globe. I couldn't find any like it this year yet. Next to it is her piggy bank - which is full. David Bach would be so proud of her.

My daughter made a chain in school as a sort of advent calendar. You remove a link each day. Which I'm now annoyed I've written as people who Google "remove a link each day" are looking for something else entirely.

This is Raggedy Anne's eye. Home made too for a Halloween costume some time ago. My daughter says she took it this close so you could see what she was looking at, "if you turn around quickly."

These things rock. Pomanders smell good for awhile too. This is years old so is freakishly light now. Mostly I can see the garish gross pink paint behind it. Bleurgh. My daughter claimed this is, "one of Santa's nuts." Good Lord I hope not.

This is Noah.He's, "having a nap." Why? "Because he likes to snore a lot."

And last one - a train snake. My son has taken the trains on the road lately sliding them over the furniture. He has the annoying habit of seeing how far he can push them under things until he can't pull them out again. Which is almost every time.

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