Thursday, December 8, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 8

My daughter took 72 photos. An annoying number of them were of the same things. And she kept taking different photos of out the window that didn't come out. But I taxed her with finding new stuff that interested her and she did.

I'll start with the last photo on the camera. My daughter wasn't trying to get her feet at all. When I asked who's they were she even suggested they were her brothers because, "they're tiny."

Every day at school she asks for stuff she can color in at home. Then she leaves them on the kitchen table for a week and colors them all in at the same time. She hasn't done this one yet and it's about a week old.

Keeping with the Christmas theme - the tree in a bucket outside. First off, that's not where it's going to be on Christmas day. It's there right now because I bought it yesterday and it's only the 8th. If I bring it inside it'll be dead by the 21st. So right there it's still in water (which hopefully won't freeze just yet) and over the electric fence so the dog won't spray it with his Yellow Shame.

I don't know what TV show this is but she's not watching again. That's not the sort of thing I want my kids picking up.

Too late.

This isn't a good photo as far as composition goes, but it's a really good example of how surroundings affect you without realizing. It's supposed to be a photo of a bear lamp I bought for the mother in law. Instead all I can see now are two guns. If I hadn't seen this photo I don't think I'd even notice them - I certainly hadn't consciously noticed them. I asked my daughter what it's a photo of and she said a bear and two guns.

Here's another example of detail. My daughter likes the "refrigerator bumps." I don;t notice them either.

I made her take this one. It's a French Canadian jigsaw puzzle of the World. This is the Homeland obviously.

And last one - my son's current favorite toy. He runs around bashing the key that makes it beep repeatedly like he's playing some thrash-chiptune breakcore madness and singing Frosty The Snowman at the same time. IT'll probably be available on Tzadik Records within the year.

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