Friday, December 9, 2011

View From A Mentalist: Dec 9

My daughter went insane. She took 155 photos. I forgot she had the camera and she just wandered off and kept taking stuff. A good thing though is she became bored of the same things and took some different things too. Bad thing is 79 of them were of the TV (which she turned on) so delete delete delete.

Right out of the blocks she took this. Nice instincts. It's actually really annoying finding decent sized ones for a kid my son's age.

My son nabbed this at the the local thrift store some time ago. He doesn't play with it at all so it's going to go in the donation box this week. Which is good because it sounds like my cell phone when he squeezes it's foot. I asked my daughter what his name was. You'll never guess which yellow fruit she says has the same name.

The Real Deal.

Some, "cushion cheeks." This couch is ugly as sin. We cover it with a couch cover sheet. My daughter says she likes the pink in it. I hadn't ever noticed.

I told my daughter to take a picture of something beautiful. She took a photo of a skunk on television. I said that was not pretty. So she took one of me and said I also look like a skunk.

Today's super train track. Courtesy of me and my son.

Her brothers injured foot. She told him he has a tomato stuck in it. He understands what she saying so seemed quite concerned by that diagnosis.

This is pretty much what my laptop screen looks like most of the time. These are some of the music folders on my hard drive. I play random stuff all day long in an effort to keep the TV off and the Christmas songs at bay. My daughter is very quick to tell me when something sounds, "like a rotten banana" or good. Which to her can mean sounds like an angry robot.

Last one today. The inside of an old tube of oats. "This is what it looks like when I'm loud!" she said, incomprehensibly. Couldn't get an explanation on that one.

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