Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its ̶T̶h̶u̶r̶s̶d̶a̶y̶ Wednesday

It's Thursday today. I don't care what you or the Gregorian calendar has to say about that at all. I know it's Thursday. Otherwise why would I have expended all that energy this morning gathering all the garbage, sorting the recycling, digging out all the cardboard from under the snow and dragging it to the street in below zero Fahrenheit? Why would I have mentally planned how and when I would take my son to his doctor's appointment? Because all that happens on Thursday. So if today is Wednesday then that makes me a total pillock.

It's the doctor's appointment that threw me. You may or may not have been on board with this humble blog all those months ago when I went to this new doctor. Let me offer you a quick synopsis of how that went -:

- Couldn't remember my children's birth dates (including year born)
- Told him I lived in Grand Island. Which I hadn't in at least 5 years and is a 4 and a half hour drive away.
- My daughter told him I have dead eyeless deer in the living room.
- I went out to the car to get a foldable toilet seat with my kids - forgot why I was out there and just started to leave. At which point the doctor called me and waived out me out the window asking what I was doing.
- I went back inside and forgot to close any of the doors on my van.

So today (which is Thursday remember) I wanted to be on the ball and not give the doctor any reason to want to stage an intervention. I cannot even imagine what kind of absolute loon I would have looked if I'd showed up today a day early insisting it was Thursday. And asserting I know this because I sorted the recycling. Luckily I mentioned to my wife that it was garbage day at 6.25am while I was getting the trash out of the laundry room. And I offhand mentioned it was weird the doctor hadn't called us about the appointment. She rolled over in bed. Then she waited for me to do all of the things that needed doing and then told me, "it's Wednesday."

Anyhoo - have some photos. All of us went photo nuts yesterday. My daughter took 246 of them. Luckily a massive chunk are of three books and CDs. So I can just skim those. My wife took a bunch too. So while I try and remove the last remaining remnants of the notion that it's Thursday from my mind (I'm annoyed that all evidence shows that it's Wednesday but my brain still hasn't accepted this) you can look at the prettier members of my family.

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