Saturday, January 14, 2012

Making Changes

It's time to stop faffing around.

I've been doing this little thing a while now. And I haven't really been trying very hard at it. Just rushing off whatever was on my mind. I didn't re-read what I'd written half the time. I didn't edit even if I knew I should. I didn't set up the blog properly. No tags, no links, no nothing. I didn't even give the thing a proper title! Well - time to actually make a decent effort of it. I'm actually going to start writing a lot more about why I'm writing - things like why the topic is interesting, why a concept or word is one I like, or even why I think something is funny. I'm going to open up a little bit more about things I've tried not to - which is a risk that I hope is okay. Time to be more comfortable in my own skin. Those who know me on a few forums I use - I'll be more like that.

I'd also like to broaden this out a little as well to talk more about things my family - my kids in particular - use, do and enjoy. So not just pithy entries about what we got up to. I want to do more story stuff around the Captain Cheesestick (hence the title change) idea. I want to sort this bloody photo stuff out as well. I'd really like to get more of you commenting as well.

Hope you'll stick with me and enjoy the changes!

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