Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Quickie: Floorstravaganza

I am in pain.

It was worth it though. This weekend my wife, father in law and I finally put in the living room floor. We moved in two years ago and have been on the sub floor since. To be fair we took the whole floor out before. And by that I mean I kicked it very hard to see if it was strong enough and my foot went through to the basement. So we ripped it all out and had our crazy carpenter frame it level and put the sub floor down. Since then not much. Either money, health or apathy problems got in the way. But now we could and wanted to do it so we did. The kids got picked up by Grandma and spent the day up in the Adirondacks.

It took 13 hours to lay the thing. The first third was bloody tricky. After that it was mostly plain sailing. Once it was down my father in law and wife drove up north while I cleaned up. Took me from 11.15 until 1.30 to vacuum up the mountains of dust we'd made. Then another hour to wash it down. Got up this morning at 5am aware that my wife's higher level of expectations would have her think I hadn't even swept up. At which point I washed it again. Spent the morning putting the house back together after that.

On top of all this I had this conversation with my wife on New Years Eve.

Me: I think I might have Lyme Disease.
Wife: D'you wanna do it?
Me: Yes it is one of the sexier diseases.

To be fair she was being silly. And it was better than her earlier response of, "if you have Lyme disease I will kill you." She says she just said she'd be very angry, but I know she meant death. All the signs are there anyway. I thought I had a massive ingrown hair in the back of my leg but didn't really look. After a few days of it I just scratched it very hard as it was annoying me. An onslaught of custard and ketchup followed. That night I showed my wife and she said, "is that a tick bite?" I nonchalantly said I didn't know. Might be. There wasn't really a head - it was more you know - black and crunchy. Sort of like an insect. This coming a few days after me having a terrible fever one night and spending half of each day wondering why my entire body is aching like I actually do something that requires effort. So it might be Lyme disease for this Limey.

Which makes my heroic contribution yesterday and today all the more impressive no? No not really. Especially as my wife painted the room pretty much alone after nearly exploding at my fine job. Anyhoo - you can have a goose at it if you want -:

Andi f you've never read the alarming story about my house - you can go here -:

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  1. Wow, that's classy (if you discount the dodgy leg stuff).