Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Art

It's time for you all to enjoy some of the majestic artwork that my daughter makes for us all. She spends huge amounts of time drawing, painting and making books. Yep - she makes stories by drawing what is happening and asking em to write in the words for it. She's even making a hard-back cover at the moment by gluing lollipop sticks all over a page to make it heavier. This isn't really representative of what she has done or did really. Just some of the ones I could photograph before my son begged for me to play Finger Robot (don't Google Image Search that one).

No - this isn't some Turner Prize winning artwork involving feces and animal hair. It's just a brown circle. For the first month of pre-k the teacher pretty much had the kids color in circles that had been drawn for them, and then put M&Ms of the same color in them. Then eat them.My daughter had me help her make loads of these - but without the M&M part. So I have a pile of them in different colors.

This is what quite a lot of her time was spent doing for awhile. You can buy oodles of stickers for no money at all so I just let her get on with it.I like how the scale of all the creatures is completely off so that a dog, pig, bee and guinea pig are all bigger than a seal. It's like the Island of Dr. Moreau except without that creepy naked mole-man thing from the awful movie of a very good book.

A, "Love Card" my daughter made for me. She had me draw the big heart for her first but did the rest.You don't get it until you have kids - but the expression of love from them is nakedly honest and happily given without any sense of embarrassment or fear of being manipulated because of it. Which is why parents of teenagers are such angry annoyed arseholes about the world because now their kids hate them and someone else has destroyed their innocent little angel so society must be changed on a massive scale.

This is pretty nice. If Jackson Pollock is considered talented for what he did with an adult brain then my daughter must be as well. My daughter says it's just a way to show people how you can "use orange." I think it looks like the sun (it's face over on the left) died and bled out. If she ever grows up to become a famous feminist of any kind I'm sure they'll come back and point out this painting as some sort of staunch innate defense of her menstrual abilities.

The now-famous Purple Splodge. It's got a H. R. Giger vibe to it in my mind.

Now my daughter says this is her family. Which is fine - the two little ones are her and and her brother. Then there's me and her mother. And then there's someone else. She's given two explanations of this. One is that it's her grandfather and that grandma was out when she drew it. The other is that the other person is, "your friend Daddy." Oh you see him too?

She did this one last month. It's not bad actually. It's her and her brother playing in the back yard.

She was quite deliberate over this one. She say's it's a lady bug with a crayon and a paintbrush. The red line is the eraser that took all the ladybug's red away.

The family again. The little guy is her brother obviously. The zombie-girl thing is her. And the guy on the left with the nematode worm looking at him is me. That's a cloud over me apparently because I'm out getting the mail in the rain - as opposed to it being a pictorial-metaphor for depression.

And here's the zombie-grin she drew up close. So pretty.

And last one for now - a true classic. Me with radiating headache waves after she drew the smile on.

Later on/tomorrow I'll post some of the weird coloring books you get at the state fair that FEMA and the state senate hand out for free.

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