Tuesday, January 10, 2012

View From A Mentalist: Jan 10, 2012

Nice and early - just like the old days. Well, the little munchkin took 61 photos. Quite a lot of her own face again though mind you.

Balls. She asked me this morning for, "a glass of ice cream." I thought she was being cutesy for effect so that maybe (ha!) I'd let her have some ice cream. Turns out she meant this. I'm not a huge fan of this - too thick and cloying for me. Speaking of which yesterday outside a gas station I watched a young man chugging on a carton of egg nog. My throat recoils at the thought of rolling my neck back and knocking a carton back like a yard of ale.This one says it was supposed to be bought by yesterday too so I'm not touching this. My wife can brave it if she wants to.

Twister isn't the innocent contortionist game that it claims to be. I think we all know that. It has a raunchy intimate intent of getting unrelated people (except in Leeds and Port Talbot, obviously) to be close to each other in ways they normally aren't. Which is why I don't want to play a game where someone says, "okay - put your right hand on the turtle head."

Since going to the dentist right before Christmas my daughter wants a toothbrush and paste set up for her downstairs that she can tuck into whenever the desire arises. So I let her use this naff analog toothbrush and this oddly minty toothpaste - especially compared to the kid-friendly blue-jelly stuff that she uses upstairs with the electric brush. Of course the silly mare insisted on trying some purple mouthwash that she got for free as well. I pleaded but then thought it would be a nice teachable moment so let her. She was quite surprised by that one.

A close up of a bathroom mat we got a year ago. I like it. My wife thinks it's gross and complains endlessly that it can't possibly dry quickly when it's made like that. Well it's not like I'm having back-to-back sessions in the bath is it?

A few games of Tic Tac Toe my daughter had me play with her. And by play I mean she doesn't know how to do it - she thinks the first person to draw three of the same thing anywhere wins. And as she gets to go first it's always quite an achievement when she holds in my face laughing at how I got none - NONE!! - for the whole game.

Jeez. I hope my son never pisses Dan Savage off because this is ripe for ridicule oif he does.

Last one - my daughter is concerned that it might be Spring already. Nope - it's just weird. There is a thin line of snow out there that I've told her was left by the Snow Slug when it wriggled through our garden. I foolishly told her it does that right before it snows. Been a day and a half since I told her that originally. Luckily it's supposed to snow for the remainder of the week. Which I'm not buying at all.You'll notice my driveway which our plow guy kindly scraped the entire covering of gravel off. Tit.

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