Tuesday, January 3, 2012

View From A Mentalist: Jan 3, 2012

Been a bit busy these last few days. Add my daughter hasn't been anywhere near her or my camera for that matter. So this morning I sent her out on an expedition. And she took 90 plus photos. Which I couldn't upload due to Blogger not wanting to cooperate today.

A stocking stuffer that my son had. He's not as camp looking as the other one is he?My daughter says his name is Zippy.

The Obotron with last year's Christmas present. My wife made it - it's a touch and feel book with different shapes and patterns and things.

This may be a blurry shot, but it is evidence. Evidence that the darned wolf has issues. Amusingly my daughter says her room looks messy here because, "there is an elephant in it. Fair enough.

My daughter made this too - it's a trivet made from lollipops and scribbles. She actually asked me to help her photograph but her's is in focus and squared whereas the photo I helped her with wasn't. She calls it a Thingamadoodle.

I might move that trampoline. Looks a bit dangerous there. The horse is now banned from the living room due it having a scratchy bottom (at least that's the rumor).

Some the candied popcorn that our family were given by friends of the in-laws. This was the batch the three of us would share. But I don't like it. Nor does my son. So he got some Triscuits, cheese and apple but no popcorn.

Last one - and as far as I'm aware the first one my daughter has taken sideways. It's a pretty good picture actually.That's Salty. He smells like fish.

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