Wednesday, January 4, 2012

View From A Mentalist: Jan 4 2012

Right -as I mentioned the little one took more photos yesterday than she had in about 4 days. Most were either of a few books or CDs so I just ignored them really.

Everything should be started with a nice cup of tea. Or in my case 9 cups of coffee and then a tea once I start thinking I might get caffeine headaches if I keep it up.

Part of the My Foot Can Read photo project she ran through. This would be Lady and The Tramp. I'm assuming with Disney's notoriously over-zealous litigation that I'll be served with a request to remove this image by dinner time.

This is from a science workbook that my daughter has somehow. It has exercises and whatnot that are well out of her comprehension range, but she likes the pictures. This is a fine example how text books have gone from just having one bloke repeatedly doing experiments to tableau's of our varied society all engaged equally in life. Judging by the number of kids in this text book in wheelchairs the percentage of children who can't walk in the US is somewhere around 45%.

This is a much better photo of my wife and son than I've ever taken.

My son found a cup holder in the mud room closet. He now uses it all the time in the living room. If it's not available (fallen off the table or whatever) he gets quite annoyed.

A concept photo. Apparently this is what it looks like when you hide behind a curtain and peek into the living room.

Last one. This is an old book my daughter had years ago. It's been sitting on the shelf untouched for ages. That is until my son found it and realized that he could lick the tongue of this dog in it.

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