Thursday, January 5, 2012

View From A Mentalist: Jan 5, 2012

So my daughter didn't take many photos this time around. Just under fifty actually. I even had to sort of shove her around the house to take stuff. So she took these as a nice gesture to me.

The car port from one of my son's Christmas presents. My daughter has started asking to zing down the super-bouncy rubber ball things she has (that I hide) down this that cause so much trouble in the end.

A glider. Apparently it's for mother's with newborn kids. I don't recall my wife ever sitting on it. Which is why it's in a room we don't use much sitting on the cold air return vent.That pink thing is a booster seat that nobody uses either. The plants hang out front during Spring/Summer and are hibernating right now.

A snowflake on my daughter's duvet cover. She actually says she picked this one out as her favorite. As we were upstairs when we looked through the camera I asked her to show it to me on the bed and she showed me one that she insisted was the same one. As I was too lazy to do that whole Rainman thing the other day I wasn't about to do a compare and contrast here either.

Hidden under a table in my dining room are these things - a deflated space hopper, some dumb bells, a tool box full of rocks (yep - the infamous rock collection)  and a play cart.If I don't move those soon they'll all be there until we rip the dining room floor out months away from now.

This seems oddly nefarious.

This is where my daughter not being able to read works for me. The last week or so my daughter has repeatedly taken photos of old CDs that I don't even play anymore. And every day I skip over those pictures and go for something else. The last two days she's been more indignant about it. So here you go - a token photo of a CD so she won't ask me tomorrow!

There are still a couple of these knocking around after painting the living room. We had a bunch but two were broken. One by my son and one by me. My daughter believes it to be some amazing dual invention for stirring paint (which I don't think she's actually ever seen it being used to do), and also for tapping people musically with until they snap it in a rage. Hence why two of them are broken.

Last one - the grate on the television.I capitulated here as well and agreed to allowing a television photo. How smarmy and clever of me.

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