Friday, January 6, 2012

View From A Mentalist: Jan 6, 2012

I'm supposed to do these early in the morning. They're now done after lunch when my daughter is out at school. Anyhoo - she took 70-odd pictures. Not too shabby.

I can assure you that these socks are too small. Doesn't stop her from wearing them though. This would be one of about 15 she took of her socks in various rooms.

There is nothing that will ever make this dog look masculine. Or not-scared at all times.

My son had immunizations yesterday. After seeing this photo I'm wondering whether my daughter somehow managed to affix a tiny transmitter to the vaccine and have it transmit the images back to her other camera like Dennis Quaid in Inner Space. By the way - that movie is 25 years old this year. That's nuts.

The corner of the living room. It wasn't viewable for two years with a giant nasty-looking metal filing cabinet propped up against the wall. Now it has this stuff here. The CDs are now useless I guess as there isn't a single operating CD player in my house. Not even the one in my laptop reads them.

More high-concept photography here. This is apparently a photo Princess Bounce took whilst doing reconnaissance.

The Blueberry Bottom Bouncer. My daughter loves her bean-bag chair more than I ever thought she would. I think she really likes that she can move it anywhere she likes and just fall on it like a drunkard getting home at 5am on a Sunday morning.

Last one - this one is quite menacing actually.She says she'd been drinking rape juice - but I'm going to need a written affidavit swearing she isn't a vampire. Physically revealing too - she's got my canine teeth and her mother's gargantuan cavernous nostrils.

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