Saturday, January 7, 2012

View From A Mentalist: Jan 7, 2012

This might be short. She only took 39 photos so this is the best of the bunch.

A very unflattering photo to start off with. My son - in a shirt he always gets covered in breakfast after about 5 minutes - and my crotch. Let's plow on.

The Doodles Bowl. It's taken 6 years to get to a point where we don't have to worry about someone other than him eating out of it.I'm still irked by the fact it doesn't have the right amount of toes.

If you're an American and haven't eaten this - you have failed. It's amazing. My wife taught my kids to eat it on bread - presumably because if they sat on the couch and spooned half a jar of it into their mouths like she does they'd be judged in a harsh light. Still - I don't like using the phrase, "chocolate sandwich" to describe it like my daughter does. I certainly wouldn't Google that.

Oboe's alleged resting place. When he naps in the day he' supposed to be laid down gently here while I read or practice guitar. Instead he's been waiting until I have to go pick up my daughter from school, and then sleeping in the car and while I carry him inside the school. He's now at that age where he's very much a dead-weight when he naps like that.

A good photo and a good painting in my mind. Actually this past week my daughter came home and claimed that the teacher wanted the kids to get us to provide a drawing of the inside of our homes. Which sounds like a burglar chancing their luck to me. Actually it reminded me of an episode or that Saturday morning show Ant and Dec used to do for kids where they asked the audience to send in photos of their older sisters and mothers at the beach and/or swimming. Anyhoo - my daughter painted this for her sharing day this coming week but now says that the painting "has a whole in it." No in the paper - but in the painting. Not sure what she means.

My daughter made a mitten at school out of paper. And then colored it in her new favorite color - purple. She'll then smarmily tell you why it isn't violet or indigo.

Last one - I have no idea what she did here. She says she took a photo through the vacuum cleaner. Possibly the pipe - but that's still attached so I don't really know. It looks a bit like an eclipse to me.

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