Monday, January 9, 2012

View From A Mentalist: Jan 9, 2012

I actually had forgotten to charge my daughter's camera batteries so she had to use mine. And took 80 plus photos. I know my camera is much better but I genuinely can't see the difference.

You know where you are with brown. Oddly though I don't really know what this is. I do have a brown fleece-shirt thing downstairs today so I'm assuming that my eyes are lying to me and that it's actual color is that below. My daughter was just really pleased with herself for making me a gift of brown.

I like these gloves because the silly faces seem to have different personalities. Of course these gloves are completely useless outside. I let her wear them to the grocery store with her real ones in my pocket.

There's nothing like some big juicy fruit to keep the kids happy. My wife cracked open a pomegranate yesterday and then prayed that they wouldn't permanently die everything with it. I might leave one of these for dessert tonight.

My daughter can't tell me what this is from either. I have no clue. I walked around to try and find it but no luck. Which means that she - just like the naughty teenagers in Terra Nova do - is slipping out when I'm not looking to drink moonshine and flirt with boys. For shame.

I'm in two minds about this thing. My kids love scooching about on these indoor cart things. But with our new floor down the wife and I are quite sensitive to just wrecking it and saying it couldn't be avoided. And if one of these wheels catches some grit/a stone or whatever and they crunch it across the floor it'll leave quite a mark. So it's just rammed up against a filing cabinet now. My daughter attempted to do a photo-book project with those books but quickly became bored.

And here's Obotron under the dining room table pushing that radio controlled car around. 

Okay first confession - I set the zoom on this and told here what to point at - but she did take it so it counts. First off you'll notice the lack of snow. It's 43 out right now. We even went outside just to be out there and enjoy the air for a bit before the school bus picked her up. Secondly - look at that wooden Volvo snowplow the neighbor made. Just look at it.

Most ringworm of the skin can be treated at home with creams you can buy without a prescription. Apparently.

Last one - no I'm not a taxidermist.Especially considering one of those is an elephant that is smaller than ther est of the canines on display. Add one of them is also Ronnie The Raindrop. Yes I just wrote that.

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