Wednesday, March 7, 2012

View From A Mentalist: March 7, 2012

Well it's been ages since one of these. But early this morning and yesterday morning my daughter has wandered about the place taking the odd photo. I told her she was a reporter like Geronimo Stilton to promote interest. She didn't seem to put the two together - but if I can make the link we can also make our own newspapers too for fun. At least that will be my excuse if I'm ever caught taking photos through the neighbors windows. Apparently if you are a member of the gutter press you can violate all kinds of privacy and decency laws in the name of Knowledge.

First up - here's Shayla Love Love Decency Rocket Boosters. Nope - it wasn't a fleeting thing at all. Early this morning and after we came back in my daughter carried around a basket with a baby in it singing the Shayla Love Love part of that name. For some odd reason this prompted me to tell her the story about Moses in a basket. Blank expression and statement of, "well I'm not going to throw my baby in the river." Probably the best option there.

Yep - nuts and money. Which sounds like the equivalent name for Forbes Magazine for squirrels. Or the name of a very dodgy male strip club.

The Fish. My son likes to shove this about the house like it's a train or car. I have asked him if it has a name - but it just sounded like he answered, "Cheese." Which actually is what he seems to say quite a bit when he doesn't know the name of something.I thought about askign my daughter, but given her proclivity for LSD-fueled hippy names for things I was frankly terrified she'd come back with Lucy Wing-Wang Fudge Sniffer, or some such madness.

The angle of this is intentional. It's a head-band thing my daughter made at school that has Humpty Dumpty on it. She made it for the letter E. She says that the picture has to be like this so he'll definitely fall off the wall. Makes sense.

I made her take this (I think this is the fourth attempt). I did that because we were reading her book about identifying various animal feces you may have come across in Acadia National Park (Google is going to crucify me for that choice of words) and we saw this otter. I thought he looked suitably irritated. So I asked her what it was and she knew it was an otter (because I'd just said) but offered up, "otter scat?" Perfect.

I don't know what this is. It's probably a CD trying to look like a vinyl record. But I don't know. My daughter said it looks like an eye. But then that means she may have cornered some scary demon in our house and then photographed it.

Lovely.This might just look like a photo of a toilet roll to you. But it isn't. Because she went into the bathroom and then five minutes later yelled, "Daddy I need help wiping!!" And then right after she told me she was done taking pictures. I didn't look at that photo for over a day terrified at what she may have taken a picture of. Thankfully it was this. But it's likely that she took it mid-link.


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