Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day In The Yard

"Daddy I found another pig's nose!"

The kids and I spent nearly three hours outside this morning doing not very much. We went walking around on a pig hunt for awhile. I don't think I ever really explained why we call it that. Years ago after we moved in I used to try and get my daughter to go on long walks around the yard but she didn't really feel like it. So I made up some random stupid story about going on a pig hunt. I came up with that because all over the yard in the Spring are half-eaten black walnut shells that the squirrels have left everywhere. And they look suspiciously like a pig's nose. I told my daughter that they fall off when the pig grows a new one. I don't think she remembers that part anymore though. Here she is though displaying one of them - along with one of her amazing rocks that she found -:

 Anyhoo - back two years ago I showed her the pig's nose that I'd found, handed her a baseball bat and off we went. We've been going on these hunts ever since. Actually to be completely honest I was going to use a different photo to show the walnut/pig nose. It had my son in the background with his sandbox. Not only was it out of focus, but it looks like he's casually taking a whizz into a turtle's face, so I thought better of it.

Lastly, speaking of my daughter's rock collection - she made herself a Rock Garden. Actually to be more correct it's her, "Rock and Roll garden." She literally has made a pile of rocks (that she surrounded with dead potted plants and also seems to be on an ant nest) next to the house. Then she lies down and rolls around yelling, "rock and roll!" to complete the hilarious word-joke.

Great stuff.

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