Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Linda Blair Is Inside My Son


We spent a little time outside yesterday afternoon again. I am supposed to be doing something constructive out there but I haven't actually been doing that. Instead I've been sitting around watching the kids goof around. First and foremost - the one-eyed turtle is back out. In the background you can just about see the peas peeking through the ground in our garden next to the neighbor's house.

And my daughter is making squirrel soup again. Which isn't some traditional Blue Ridge Mountains roadkill jerky. It's just stirring all the walnuts we picked up, balancing them on a stump and then whacking them with a baseball bat. Here's the soup itself.

And this is the "dinner table" that the squirrels eat off once my daughter has repeatedly twatted the walnuts with the bat. She seems to think that's appealing to squirrels.

While she did that (for an hour too) I was supposed to be in the background behind that above photo clearing the brush out to extend the yard. Instead I followed my son around with his cart while he grunted like a cross between a John Zorn album with Mike Patton singing on it, and a Linda Blair IMDB listed-quote from The Exorcist. Which is spelled somewhat like the top line above.

Today though is a Mud Day. After going out early to get all the snacks that my wife complains that we never have in the house (oh I'll show her...) we are going to roll around in mud for a few hours.

Or sit in the house reading and eating potato chips. It's a close run thing to be fair.


  1. One-eyed turtle not a double entendre?

  2. Oh it's already showing up as a search term.

  3. I'm sorry, but he's just too damn cute Gav!! Takes me back to when mine were that age...... seems like a lifetime ago...