Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My daughter throw up on her brother last night.

Right on his legs apparently. As it was 1.30 in the morning my wife was trying to sort my daughter out while I dealt with my son. Who helpfully had brought me a pair of pajama pants. Obviously I put them on and lay down with him only to be told that they were the very same pants that he had been up-chucked on. So seeing as my daughter had been in her brother's bed for the initial delivery, and then threw up in her own bed two hours later and her brother was wearing tainted pajama bottoms, it looks like she managed to get some on every sheet and duvet cover in every bed in the house. Nice work.

This isn't a surprise. As is usually the case when we are at that Easter party the other day the invitees revealed that their kids were sick. Well no - they slowly evolved a story which began with a story about how one of their own kids might be car sick. Which then had an addendum to it's story that it had lasted for four days. Oh - and their other kid also has a coincidental puking illness too! In fact they're in the bathroom right now throwing up. What are the chances!? Anyway everyone - I hope you enjoyed the party! Can't complain mind you seeing as the last time my daughter was there she threw up on their living room floor. Although they do have form for this sort of, "oh - did I mention my children are contagiously sick?" thing. I distinctly recall being told after a good three hours of playing with their one child that he has a very contagious ringworm. Yay!

Anyway - my daughter is sitting around this morning insisting she's all better but looking very fragile. My son is apparently aware of this fragility and is using this opportunity to try and mortally wound her. Mostly by sitting on her and pushing her with his foot. My wife is at work on shockingly limited sleep enduring another Very Important Meeting. It's all go with her. And I'm at home trying to decipher a very disturbing dream in which I was being chased by savage bears. Which on the face of things isn't scary much (especially relative to my base-standard regular nightmares) except I had my MP3 player on at the time. Which - although almost entirely filled with music I like listening to if I wake up - had randomly chosen to play a conference speech about the historical view of what sin is in the early Christian churches. Which while rather dry and somewhat interesting is especially terrifying when visually accompanied by murderous bears who seem to be casually telling me all this as I try to escape their clutches. So now we're all in that phase of hoping no-one else gets sick - but knowing the likelihood is otherwise.



  1. Jodorowsky would be inspired by dreams of bears and latin speechifying, just sayin'.

    1. Great. Now all I can picture is this gif.