Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super Rainbow Love

She's squirting love puddles at you Daddy!

At the thrift store yesterday my daughter picked up a Care Bear backpack. Here -:

 She named it Super Rainbow Love. It has a small zip-up pocket in the back that you can stuff with whatever very-small treasure you feel fit to smuggle inside a bear. My daughter suggested stuffing it with marbles - which frankly makes the thing seem like a prison weapon. She carried it around all day (when not in school) calling it her favorite bear - right in front of her actual bedtime bear as well. Callous. She even tried to take it in the bath until I protested by pointing out that what with all those marbles up it's whoopsie it would likely drown to death within seconds. Then - to make life uncomfortable - she hid under the covers of my bed in her underpants with it (after the bath) and claimed to be squirting everyone with "love puddles" from inside what she called her, "love cave." Even her mother was yelling from the next room about how inappropriate the whole thing was. She didn't believe I hadn't prompted any of it either.

Right now the kids and my wife are out at a local restaurant for some quality time. I'm at home watching dour football and enjoying my own quality alone time. Normally I'd be blasting some music that isn't really child-appropriate, but this morning seemed especially loud that I've gone for the silence. This should give a decent snapshot of the repetitive barrage of noise. It's my son playing some sort of free-form jazz peppered with an electronic shotgun noise.

I can't wait till he tries that one busking down by the thru-way gas station.

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