Thursday, April 19, 2012

View From A Mentalist: April 19, 2012

I finally got around to recharging my daughter's camera batteries - and then she ran around a few times with it for the last couple of days. She's also returned to the habit of photographing up her own nose, and taking about thirty shots of out the window. But still - she got just enough to make a post out of. Not really but she moaned when I said she didn't have enough so I told her I'd do this anyway. Six acceptable photos out of 78 is a pretty poor show mind.

"Look Daddy! The toaster is wearing a hat!" Yep - my toaster is as cool as Indiana Jones.

Let's get the only Up The Schnoz photo I'm going to use out of the way. She insists. Actually she says she was trying to get her mouth in shot too because we are playing dentists today. Which oddly is just her having me put toys near her mouth while she makes ridiculous faces.

He looks drunk. This is yesterday. We don't have a drop of alcyhic in the house so he's likely been secretly sipping NyQuil or "skittling." Katie Couric told me about that last one years ago in a sanctimonious "my daughter says all the other kids at school are doing this" Today show episode I accidentally watched. I'm hoping that when she Googled it she clicked on the sixth definition of this website just like you did before visually picturing the whole thing over and over and over again.

Happy Birthday! My daughter designated yesterday the birthday of the black Angry Bird. She says he's fourteen. I bet he goes skittling. He looks the type.

I know this looks like a bad photo. But it isn't - it's AMAZING.Why? Well - because my daughter says that she was lying the plane (upside down in the photo) when it hit a giant dog. When the fire engine showed up to help with the accident a dinosaur broke out of the airplane and started attacking everyone. See - I told you it was n amazing photo.

Lazy bugger.


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