Wednesday, April 4, 2012

View From A Mentalist: April 4 2012: The Revival!

I know! Mad right!? I was trying to take a photograph of my son licking balloons (yes, that's right) when my daughter randomly asked if she could take some photos. To give you some idea of how odd that was I instinctively thought that she couldn't. But then I gave her my camera and walkd around with her for fifteen minutes while she took photos. She took 79 of them - 30ish of which are blurry photos of the balloons my son was licking earlier.

And out of the gate we really should start with my son and a balloon. Sadlyn ot one of him licking it - but this is pretty much what he gets up to lately. He wanders about with a balloon tied to something and either bonks me with it, licks it or puts it on a toy train and tries to drive it across the room without it falling off.

I'm going to label this photo Banana Love. I'm aware of the danger of using this phrase alongside a photo, but I'm a risk-taker. My daughter asked what it said before she took it.I then told her and it felt weird telling her that either the banana or a multi-national fruit corporation loves her heart. She took it well though.

These are some eggs we bought at the thrift store last week. And a train conductor and a plastic pineapple, plastic eggplant and a very iffy looking plastic chicken. My daughter can play Egg Hunt for hours. The other morning whilst we were all waking up my daughter excitedly squealed that she wanted to play Egg Hunt right away. Instead I convinced her to play Leg Hunt so that we could stay in bed. I still somehow managed to lose the game with no points though in spite of finding everyone's legs. My daughter does now randomly point out that on Easter Day while she goes hunting in the yard for eggs (that I will have poorly hidden) that I can stay upstairs in bed and look for my own legs.

This is fun and annoying - as anyone with these can attest to. A two year old can't really put the letters back in, but they also really want your help to put them in. Except when you help that pisses them off too. It's fun though because my son knows some of the letters already and is quite pleased with himself for that. He behaves like he knows what they all are and reads out random letters whilst pointing to the wrong letters too. You'll notice the B is missing. I told my kids that maybe the B was taken by a bee. Which was cute-ish. My daughter then told my son that a killer monster bee came in through a hole under the couch (which doesn't exist) and stole it. He now sometimes checks under the couch and becomes worried that bees might come in and steal more.

Welcome to officially the Greatest Photo Ever. I was doing laundry when she took this. It's not staged at all - that is still the diorama on my bedroom floor. Before you ask no - that isn't my outfit today either.That's a swim-diaper (my wife says it's pool-rules at the YMCA so my son - underpants aficionado for 9 months or whatever it is - has to wear one), a pair of mud-boots and a bra.

This is a pretty nice photo too. Horrible candy - and it worries me that she had it too. They're way up in a cupboard and we were taking photos at 7am. I have a pretty good idea where it went but not where it came from.

This may look like a David Fincher shot from an upcoming gruesome murder-thriller - but it's actually just my bed stripped to wash the sheets. My daughter said that the bed was still asleep so she had to be quiet to take this photo. Of course I then came in to do laundry and woke it up. Callous bastard.

She asked to take one of the laundry powder. Which she worryingly claimed has blue candy in it after seeing it. Lots of, "no it doesn't" from me there. I do not want that scenario happening. My wife asked me to buy this type by the way. She spent an afternoon reading reviews to find out which one was judged to be the best. Yes - she really did.

And last photo - something that is deeply troubling my son is the rude and intrusive light that is appearing on walls in our house. It shocks him greatly and he rushes to come get me to point it out. I hadn't seem him touch if before my daughter took this photo of him. It just goes to show how grey and bleurgh half the year is that sunlight is something that alarms my son.

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